Creating Ambassadors Program


This program is tailored for frontline staff in the hospitality sector who are directly dealing with customers and guests, such as front desk operators, waiters, attendants, and housekeepers 


Modules Covered:

•Creating a First Impression 

•Communication Skills 

•Emotional Intelligence 


•Receiving Feedback 


•Handling Complaints 


Culinary Program


This program is designed for kitchen staff only, it is a comprehensive program aiming to develop their culinary skills, including kitchen safety, hygiene, and elimination of any contamination hazards.


Modules Covered:

•Food Service Sanitation 

•Food Contamination & Food-borne Illnesses 

•Food Storage & Refrigeration 

•Kitchen First Aid 

•Culinary Skills 

•Kitchen Accounting & Inventory   


Bartending Program


This program is designed for bartenders only, it is a comprehensive program aiming to develop their skills in mixology and flair, while increasing their soft skills behind the bar.


Modules Covered:

•Understanding Spirits, Beers, Liqueurs & Wine 


       •Beer Opening  

        •Working Flair 

        •Exhibition Flair 


•Charisma Behind The Bar 

•Free Pouring & Speed 



English For Hospitality Program


This program is designed to equip employees in the hospitality sector with the adequate linguistic skills to deal with foreign guests and colleagues in English.


•General English (True Beginner – Advanced Level) 

•Conversation Club 

•Industry-Specific Courses 

          •English for F&B 

          •English for Housekeeping 

          •English for Reception 

          •English for Reservations  


Healthcare Hospitality Program


In the healthcare field, there is a difference between “treatment” and “care”. In this program, we ensure that staff in the medical field are well equipped with the necessary soft skills to deal with patients in their workplace.


Modules Covered:

•Creating Rapport 

•Communication Skills 

•Emotional Intelligence 

•Handling Complaints 

•Stress Management 

•Discretion and Confidentiality  

•Motivating Patients